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Kelsey Jones: Kinesiologist

Kelsey Jones was born and raised in Summerland, British Columbia. She now operates Movement Re-Created in Summerland and Penticton. She grew up playing every sport she could with a passion for hockey, soccer, and horseback riding. In grade 12 she suffered a complicated ACL injury and her knee had to be reconstructed. The surgery completely changed her life plan and it was during that recovery she realized Kinesiology was what she wanted and needed to do. Kelsey has a talent for training people in a way that prevents injury. She also loves to help people recover from injuries and get back to their sport, work or enjoying their fitness and things they love. Kelsey completed her Bachelor of Human Kinetics Degree (BHK) in 2015 at UBCO and has been working in the industry ever since. She works in a cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation clinic, does sport specific training with athletes of all ages, personal training, and has several ICBC rehabilitation clients.

Personal Training/Sports Specific Training

Even if you aren't recovering from an injury and are just looking for help to get back in to, or start getting in to fitness. Kelsey can introduce you to the gym and the correct exercises to meet your personal or sport specific goals! 


Movement Re-Created values keeping individuals happier and healthier for longer! Kelsey pays attention first and foremost to proper form, posture, and correct muscle recruitment patterns. This allows injured areas to rehabilitate while  strengthening the body in the right ways to rehab and prevent injury. 




  • Active Rehabilitation

  • ICBC Active Rehab

  • Postural Assessment

  • Pain Management

  • Return to Work/Sport


Personal Training

  • Gym Orientations

  • General Fitness Programs

  • Sport Specific Training

  • Proper Form/Technique Education

  • Equestrian Fitness


Semi-Private/Team Sessions

  • Semi-Private Personal Training Session (2-4 People)

  • Sports Team Conditioning

Fit Man

Sean W. 

Kinesiology/Personal Training Client

"Kelsey really knows her stuff and is such a positive force. I've really enjoyed working with her. 
I would highly recommend Kelsey. I had reoccurring knee pain a year and a half after my surgery. She identified the areas to work on, walked me through the exercises, and had me happy and mobile after one session. I was so impressed I went back for fitness training. 
It is really neat to work with someone who is a knowledgeable professional Kinesiologist but also a fun and positive coach and trainer. It's the best scenario."
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